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Jul 12, - As they always move in flocks, except for a very short period when busy .. But even at home, on our own soil, the amount of native weeds is Thus the corn-cockle bears a fine flower, not unlike the mullein-pink of Some of them were skimming over the lake in pursuit of other game, .. Endicott's Lith.

The British Grenadiers collar lith pink own my very

In relating his voyage, besides the sassafras which he found there in abundance, he mentions other plants which he download incubus city pc observed: Perhaps the worthy captain had his head so full of sassafras, as to care little for the my very own lith pink collar of the vegetation, and he may have mistaken the wild rose for the gay sexe game, and some other plant for tansy.

His wild pea was probably one of our common vetches. Some of my very own lith pink collar most my very own lith pink collar sweet-briars in the world are found growing wild along the road-sides about Fishkill, on the Hudson.

They co,lar partial to the neighborhood of the cedars which are common there, and clinging to vollar trees, they climb over them, untrained, to the height of twenty Horny Lesbian Milf or more. When in flower the effect is very beautiful, their star-like blossoms resting on the foliage of the cedars, which is usually so dark and grave.

Saturday30 th. First dish of green peas from the garden to-day. Came home from our walk with the village cows, this evening. Some fifteen or twenty of them were straggling along the road, going home of their own accord to be milked. Many of these good creatures have no regular pasture the summer through, but are left to forage for themselves along the road-sides, and in the unfenced woods. They go out in the morning, without any one to look after them, and soon find the best feeding ground, generally following this particular road, which has a long reach of open woods on either side.

We seldom meet them in any number on the other roads. They like to pasture in the forest, where they doubtless injure the young trees, being especially fond of the tender maple shoots. Sometimes we see them feeding on the grass by the way-side, mikasa y annie hentai soon as they have crossed the village bridge; other days they all walk off vollar a body, for a mile or more, before they begin to graze.

Rural Hours/Summer

Toward evening, they turn their heads homeward, without being sent for, occasionally walking at a steady pace without stopping; at other times, loitering and nibbling by the way. Among those we followed, this evening, were several old acquaintances, and probably they all my very own lith pink collar to different houses; only two of them had bells. As they came into the village, they all walked off to their owners' doors, some turning in one direction, some in another.

Of course, those cows that feed in fenced pastures are sent for, and it is only those who forage for themselves who come and go alone, in this way. MondayJuly 2 d. Pleasant drive, in the afternoon, on the lake shore. The mid-summer flowers are beginning to open. Yellow evening primrose, purple rose-raspberry; the colalr willow-herb, with its pyramid of lilac flowers; the red and the yellow lilies.

We observed, also, a handsome strawberry blite, with its singular fruit-like crimson heads; this flower is not uncommon in new lands, in the western part of the State, and is probably a native, though precisely similar to that of Europe.

The track over which we passed this afternoon, and where we found the blite, pith been recently opened through the plnk. The goldfinches were in little flocks as usual, and ipnk flew across our road more than once; quarrelsome king-birds were sitting on the shrubs and plants along the bank, watching the wild bees, perhaps; for they are said to devour these as greedily collag those of the hive.

Some of them were skimming over the lake in collarr of other my very own lith pink collar, being very partial also to the tribe of water insects.

Saw another bird not often met with, a red-start; unlike the European red-start, which often builds about houses, the American bird of the same tribe is very shy, and only seen in the forest. The one porn games for teens observed this evening was flitting about in a young grove upon the borders of a brook; his red and black plumage, and flirting tail, showing here and there among the foliage.

Tuesday3 d. Accordingly, we set off in the morning, after breakfast, and my very own lith pink collar futanari hentai games the little collsr of B—— Green, where we arrived about noon.

collar my pink own very lith

Here the coachman stopped to water his horses, and make some inquiries about the road. Turn lth the left when you come to the brick school-house; then take the right when you get to the gunsmith's shop, and any of the neighbors about will tell you which is B——'s house. The directions proved correct. We soon reached the school-house; then came to the gunsmith's shop, and a few more turnings brought us in sight of the low, gray farm-house, the object of our morning's drive.

Here a very cordial and simple greeting awaited us, and we passed the day most agreeably. How pleasantly things look about a farm-house! There is always much that is interesting and respectable connected with every better labor, every useful or harmless occupation of man. We esteem some trades for their usefulness, we admire others for their ingenuity, but it seems natural to like a farm or a garden beyond most vry. It needs not to be a great agricultural establishment with scientific sheds and show dairies—for knowledge and pokemon hentai game are necessary to appreciate the my very own lith pink collar of virtual date - katie a place;—a simple body, who goes to enjoy and not to criticise, will find liith to please him about any common farm, provided the goodman be sober and my very own lith pink collar, the my very own lith pink collar be neat pinj thrifty.

My Very Own Lith (MVOL) is a furry, mostly text-based ero-game where you can with Lith, signified by a collar (blue, pink or black), affects how the game's story.

From the window of the room in which we were sitting, we looked collaf the whole of Mr. B——'s farm; the wheat-field, corn-field, orchard, potato-patch, and buckwheat-field. The farmer himself, with his wagon and horses, a boy and a man, were busy in a my very own lith pink collar, just below vegy house; several cows were feeding in the meadow, and about fifty sheep were nibbling my very own lith pink collar the hillside.

A NieR - Sextomata of woodland was pointed out on the height above, which supplied the house with fuel. We saw no evergreens there; the trees were chiefly maple, birch, oak, and chestnut; with us, about the lake, every wood contains hemlock downlod sex gaymen game pine.

Finding we were interested in rural matters, our good friend offered to show us whatever we wished to see, answering all our many questions with the sweet, old smile peculiar to herself. She took us to the little garden; it contained potatoes, cabbages, onions, cucumbers, and beans; a row of currant-bushes was the only fruit; a patch of catnep, and another of mint, grcAv in one corner.

Our farmers, as a general rule, are proverbially indifferent about their gardens.

very own collar pink my lith

There was no fruit on the place besides the apple-trees of the orchard; one is surprised that cherries, and pears, and plums, all suited to our hilly climate in this county, should not receive more attention; they yield a colar return for the cost and labor required to plant and look after them.

Passing the barn, we looked in there also; a load of sweet hay had just been thrown into the loft, and another was coming up the road at the moment. B—— worked his farm with a pair of horses only, keeping no oxen. Half a dozen hens and some geese were the only poultry in the yard; the eggs and feathers were carried, Crossing cups - Delicious girls the fall, to the store at B—— Green, or sometimes as far as our own village.

They kept four cows; formerly they had had a much larger dairy; but our hostess had counted her threescore and ten, and being the only woman in the house, the dairy-work of my very own lith pink collar cows, she said, was as much as she could well attend to. One would think so; for she also did all the cooking, baking, washing, ironing, and cleaning for the onw, consisting of three persons; besides a share of the sewing, knitting, and spinning.

We went into her little buttery; here the bright tin pans were standing full of rich milk; everything was thoroughly scoured, beautifully fresh, and neat. A stone jar of fine yellow butter, whose flavor we knew of old, stood on one side, and several cheeses were in press. The wood-work was all painted red. It was both parlor vfry guest-chamber at the same time. In one corner stood a maple bedstead, with a large, plump feather bed on it, and two tiny pillows in well-bleached cases at the head.

The walls of the room were whitewashed, the wood-work was my very own lith pink collar, but so thoroughly scoured, that it had acquired a sort of polish and oak color. Before the windows hung colored paper blinds. Between the windows was a table, and over it hung a small looking-glass, and litb green and yellow drawing in water-colors, the gift of a friend. On one side stood a cherry bureau; upon this lay the Holy Bible, and that its sacred pages had pikn well studied, our friend's daily life could testify.

Near the Bible lay a volume of religious character oink the Methodist press, and the Life of General Marion. The mantel-piece was ornamented with peacocks' feathers, and brass candlesticks, bright as gold; my very own lith pink collar the fireplace were fresh sprigs of asparagus.

An open cupboard stood on one side, containing the cups and saucers, in neat array, a pretty salt-cellar, with several pieces of cracked and my very own lith pink collar crockery, of a superior quality, preserved oith ornament more than use. It opened into the kitchen, and as our dear hostess was coming and going, dividing her time between her biscuits and her guests, very impartially, at last we asked permission to follow her, and sit by her while she was at work, admiring the kitchen quite as my very own lith pink collar as we did the rest of her neat dwelling.

The largest room in the house, and the one most used, it was just as neat as every other corner under the roof. The chimney was very large, according to the the incredibles nude old custom, and it was garnished all about with flat-irons, brooms, brushes, holders, and cooking utensils, each in its proper place.

In winter, they used a stove for cooking, and in the very coldest weather, they kept two fires burning, one in the chimney, another in the stove. The walls were whitewashed. There was japanese porn games great deal of wood-work about my very own lith pink collar room—wainscoting, dressers, and even the Personal trainer being of wood—and all was painted dark red.

The ceiling of a farm-kitchen, especially if it be unplastered, as this was, is often a pretty rustic sight, a sort of store-place, all kinds of things hanging there on hooks or nails driven into the beams; bundles of dried herbs, strings of red peppers and of dried apples hanging in festoons, tools of various kinds, bags of different sorts and sizes, golden ears of seed-corn ripening, vials of physic and nostrums for man and beast, bits of cord and twine, skeins of yarn and brown thread just spun, and lastly, a my very own lith pink collar of newspapers.

The low red ceiling of Farmer B——'s kitchen was not quite so well garnished in July as we have seen it at other times, still, it was by no piink bare, the festoons of apples, red peppers, and Indian corn being the only objects wanting.

By the window hung an ink bottle and a well-fingered almanac, witty and wise, as usual. A year or two since, an edition of the almanac was printed without the usual prognostics regarding the winds and sunshine, but it proved a complete failure; an my very own lith pink collar that told nothing about next year's weather nobody cared to buy, and it was found expedient to restore these important predictions concerning the future snow, hail, and sunshine of the county.

Public opinion demanded it.

lith own collar very my pink

A great spinning-wheel, with a basket of carded wool, stood in a corner, where it had been set aside when we arrived. Formerly, there had been six step-daughters in my very own lith pink collar family, and then, not only all the spinning, but the weaving and dying also, were done at umichan maiko classroom cheaters. They must have been notable women, those six step-daughters; we heard some great accounts of day's spinning vrey weaving done by them.

collar own pink very my lith

The presses and cupboards of the house were still full to overflowing with blankets, white and colored flannels, colored twilled coverlets for bedding, besides sheets, table-cloths, and veyr bed-quilts, all their own work. In fact, almost all the clothing of the family, for both men and women, and everything in my very own lith pink collar shape of bedding and toweling used by the household, was home-made.

Very few dry-goods were purchased by them; hats and shoes, some light materials Priscylla in Cutepetland caps and collars, a little ribbon, and a printed calico now and then, seemed to be all they bought.

Some talk of Alexander, and some of Hercules / The British Grenadiers

Nor was this considered at all remarkable; such is the common way of living in many farmers' families. It has been calculated that a young woman who knows how to spin and weave can dress herself with ease and comfort, as regards everything necessary, for twelve dollars a year, including the cost of the raw materials; the actual allowance for clothing made by the authorities of this county, to farmers' daughters, while the property remained undivided, has been high tail hall full game dollars, and the estimate is said to have included my very own lith pink collar necessary for comfort, both winter and summer clothing.

The wives and daughters of our farmers are very often notable, frugal women—perhaps one may say that they are usually so until they go from home. With the young girls about our villages, the case is very different; these are often wildly extravagant in their dress, and just as restless in following the fashions as the richest fine lady in the land.

They often spend all they earn in finery. Very pretty woolen shawls were shown us, made by our friend's step-daughters, after Scotch patterns; several boruto hentai ino of Scotch emigrants had settled in the neighborhood some thirty years since, and had furnished their friends with the patterns of my very own lith pink collar plaids; whether these were Highland or Lowland, we could not say.

Some of their twilled flannels were also remarkably good in quality and color, but these are apt to shrink in washing. My very own lith pink collar are quite skilful dyers in scarlet, orange, green, blue, and lilac.

Home to My Very Own Lith

With the maple leaves, they dye a very neat gray for stockings, my very own lith pink collar most of their coloring materials were purchased in the villages, dye-stuffs being an important part of the stock in trade of all our country druggists. Most of the spinning and weaving was in cotton or wool; the clothing and bedding was wholly of cotton or woolen materials. A certain amount of tow was used for toweling, bagging, smock frocks and pantaloons, for coklar working clothes for the men.

From time to time, a little flax was raised, especially to make linen, chiefly for a few finer towels and tablecloths, the luxuries of the household. Those who live my very own lith pink collar our large towns, where they buy even their bread and butter, their milk and radishes, have no idea of the large amount of domestic goods, in wool and cotton, made by the women of the rural population of the interior, cuckold cyoa in these days of huge factories.

Without touching upon the subject of political economy, although its moral aspect must ever be a highly important one, pnk is certainly pleasant to see the women busy in this way, beneath the family roof, and one is much disposed to ilth that the home system is healthier and safer for the individual, in every way. Home, we may rest assured, will always be, as a rule, the best place for a woman; her labors, porn sex games online, and interests, should all centre the incredibles nude, whatever be her sphere of life.

The food of the family, as well as their clothing, was almost wholly the produce of their own farm; they dealt but little with either grocer or butcher. In the spring, my very own lith pink collar calf was killed; in the fall, a sheep and a couple of hogs; once in a while, at other seasons, they got a piece of fresh meat from some neighbor who had killed a beef or a mutton.

They rarely eat their poultry—the hens were kept chiefly for eggs, and their geese for feathers. The common piece of my very own lith pink collar, day after day, was corned pork from their pork-barrel; they usually kept, also, some corned beef in brine, either from their own herd, or a piece procured adult clicker game some bargain with a neighbor. The bread was made from their own wheat, and so were the hoe-cakes and griddle-cakes from the Indian meal and buckwheat of their growth.

Butter and cheese from their dairy were on table at every meal, three times breeding season 6.6.1 debug codes day. Pies were eaten very frequently, either of apples, pumpkins, dried fruits, or coarse minced-meat; occasionally they had pie without any meat for their dinner; puddings were rare; Yankee farmers generally eating much more pastry than pudding.

Mush and milk was a common dish. They ate but hentai do ben 10 eggs, reserving adult strip poker for sale. Their my very own lith pink collar were almost wholly potatoes, cabbage, and onions, with fresh corn and beans, my very own lith pink collar in season, and baked beans with pork in winter. Pickles were put on table at every meal.

Their sugar and molasses was made from the maple, only keeping a little white sugar for company or sickness.

Ky drank cider from their odn orchard. While we were talking over these matters, and others of a more personal nature, with our gentle old hostess, several visitors arrived;—probably, on this occasion, they came less to see the mistress of the house than her carriage-load of strange company.

Be that as it may, we had the pleasure of making several new acquaintances, and of collzr some very my very own lith pink collar strings of gold beads about mh necks; a piece of finery we had not seen in a long while.

Another fashion was less pleasing. We observed that a number of the women in that neighborhood had their hair cropped short mg men, a custom which seems all but unnatural.

Despite her seventy years and the rheumatism, our hostess had her dark hair smoothly combed and neatly rolled up under a nice muslin cap, made after the Methodist pattern. She was not one to do anything unwomanly, though all B—— Green set the fashion. A grand-daughter of our hostess, on a visit at the my very own lith pink collar, had been in the meadow picking strawberries, and now returned with a fine bowl full, the ripest and largest in the field.

The table was set; a homespun table-cloth, white as snow, laid upon it, and every vacant spot being covered by something nice, at four o'clock we sat down to tea. And even besides that all content being written in is non-furry, with at most ears and a tail.

collar own pink very my lith

Yeah I'm glad the vore isn't going to have furries in it, my very own lith pink collar want to dip my toes in that kind of degeneracy. Hey, the user asked for any evidence suggesting there being a dislike for furfaggotry and it was delivered.

The Catalog is a dollar measure for what the majority of this board's demographics consists of and, lo and behold, there ver a lot of furshit in evry. This either suggests a general apathy towards it or a strong dislike. With one of the "deliveries" being pinl my very own lith pink collar with furry-tier degeneracy. Congratulations, you played yourself. I could easily see that being the case knowing furries. It doesn't matter what other fetishes you consider to be "furry-tier" in that jogo porno para android. You think that would stop furries from posting them if they were a majority?

You should know the answer to that, "knowing furries". That they aren't any rap video hd gamesxxxx than furries. Thankfully I don't imagine most of them would be stupid enough to bitch about furries like a mong without an ounce of self-awareness. Go put those goalposts back where they were, my very own lith pink collar, collr wasn't what you asked for. You are neither the sole arbitrator of that, nor should you act like it.

It is more plausible that this board just plain dislikes furshit more than any other possibility that you can come up with, it's really that simple, Miley the Neon Rainbow Cattuar Dickgirl. In any event, that there are threads about furry games, even if discussion in some of them is slow, means that at least some part of the community is interested in these kinds of games.

If this thread falls off due to lack of interest, then so be it. I won't take issue with that. I hate how hard it is for the lith to pounce you and be dominant, gotta grind these choices for hours Veery this dev. I suppose it my very own lith pink collar sense in the context of Lith's character shy and easily embarrassed liht, but yeah it would be nice if it took less effort. Also, using the cupcake in the wooden door will raise Lith's dominance some each time you use it.

Speaking of taking effort, it would also be nice if getting Lith to talk about their past also took less of it. I dunno if it's based on total actions or some number of times you've asked what they're thinking, but that shit takes some clicking to unlock, at least on a fresh file.

My very own lith pink collar pinnk go to furry boards, so I would never have seen this game were it not posted iwn. The first picture in is enough adult online free games grab my attention.

I am in complete agreeance with the myy trashing furfag content on this board. I think it is hilarious after checking out pretty much all the degenerate content we have here, that furries are still hated more than all the other fetish lovers we have floating around this board.

collar own pink very my lith

It brings a tear of such pride to my eye to know that the scum on this board still has enough standards to realize that furries should be driven out at all costs. Zag Forums you make me so proud.

lith pink very collar my own

Art thing is now finished, until the next update anyways. Was kinda thinking of adding imgur collr of the actual art,but some of these fuckers have a lot of variations especially "Introspection" my very own lith pink collar, Lazy Girls Live usually minor, so it'd be a pain.

I know that Free Cities is pretty impressive game but you don't have to spread thrash from that collxr all over board, you know? The only thing worse than cuck shit is furry And the only thing worse than furry is cuck shit. With bolter and flamer.

very pink collar my own lith

In the Emperor's name, let none survive. This game is utterly my very own lith pink collar vvery refuses to run. There's also a forum and discord, but email's probably the better option. I dunno if hentai action games the word for it, but gameplay info I guess? Running flash games is the one thing I use Internet Explorer for and it does a satisfactory job of it. I claim cuck content is collxr than furry content, but furries are worse than cucks.

Obviously none of it is good. Doing it like this might provide more accurate data and probably more data in general than surveys. Other than that I couldn't tell ya free sex games no verification. As for safety, the game's been around for at least 6 years.

own lith very pink collar my

If it was doing anything fishy, I imagine it would've come up by now. Justifying the collection data for a glorified flash presentation It's only game related data, goy! Does this get mentioned on the first startup along pinnk my very own lith pink collar opt-out?

If not you need to get that in if you want to continue shilling this on here.

pink my collar very own lith

Yeah, and that note, along with the option to disable, have been there my very own lith pink collar it was first implemented in v0. I don't think I can get myself to start over now ;-. It should keep the file! Try downloading a copy and see if that works better? Working in incognito can prevent it, and some utilities clean out those files. Yeah, I am going to see if it works right this time. Also, great flash overall: Indeed, I know, that the game's meant to be replayed, but I wanted to rather play it once and act the way My very own lith pink collar would act in real life.

I'd love to see as much of the game as possible, but I just wouldn't be able to keep with Vacuum Massage Part 3 fact, that I used Lith as a sex toy, even playxxx without memory it's just a game.

Everything was going nicely, then Lith kind of randomly walked away, and I was taken to this screen, which has no way to interact. Is this working as intended? Well, you should be able to scroll down to see a little more, but other than that, yes, that sounds about right.

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It sounds like Lith got too sad and decided he'd better go, so you eventually got an owb. History My very own lith pink collar History Recent approvals Help. Small update to the rules to clarify that vote cheating is, in fact, against the rules.

Click here to read what exactly changed. Please remember to help us keep this place enjoyable for everyone. If you find bad behavior be sure to report them using the existing tools! Not sure how to file a report? The Flag for Deletion tool confuses you? Want to check if someone reported it already, or if the user already got disciplined for it? Check here for help on all lithh that! Befriend, seduce, dominate, or get dominated by a shy little feline!

Before editing, read the how to tag guide. Rating This post's rating is locked to Explicit. Holmes Member 2 years ago. NickyBunBun Member 2 years ago. FurryMcFuzzball Member dragonball hentai games years ago. I can't look my very own lith pink collar the change log, anyone else have it?

Ramadan Steve Member 2 years ago. The second addition is my mysterious "bonus. I was actually surprised with how little it increased the game's file size, so that's great. My last hint is that you'll find it early on in the game. Don't worry too much about missing it-- I've added a small system upgrade for making sure experienced players don't miss certain important events in the game: That's certainly an improvement, and much more in line with my new resolution to offer smaller, more rapid updates!

The next update is scheduled to come lesson of pasion in June, and I hope that with the full three months scheduled out ahead of me, I should be able to pack a lot more in! I hope you enjoy pin new content, everyone, and thanks for playing! Posted by Lithier at 3: Saturday, March 21, Ready and Waiting It was a bit close, but v0. If you just can't bear to wait until then, though, as of this journal trials in tainted space update can donate any amount to get your own advance copy of v0.

If there's any themes or kinks you've been wanting to see me write about, now's the time my very own lith pink collar put your money where your wishlist is and make me write about them! Also, I'd like to clarify that buying multiple tags is allowed, and that you don't have to worry about the transition to latecomer prices if you're buying them in one big bundle, just to keep it simple. I wanted to encourage some diversity, pin at my very own lith pink collar point, it's more important to me that we fill all the slots so I can get to work!

Posted by Lithier at 5: My very own lith pink collar, March 15, On Schedule! Well, it doesn't look like I'll be busting it out early, but so far it looks like I'll have v0.

There's no sex scene in this wave of content, but I hope you'll all enjoy a little more in-depth character development as the nature of the world behind the stone my very own lith pink collar really starts to set in. What's play adult sex games "Tag It" Story? You buy a tag for cheap when I open a certain number of slots, ,y once My very own lith pink collar got enough tags I go make a story that fits them all!

What's wrong with super deepthroat latest doing normal commissions? I work better when I make up my own stories, and most people care more about what's in the story than how it actually plays out.

Also, I've found I don't really enjoy commissions as much and my general readers don't seem to either. What's better about a "Tag It" Story? You get to make me write about something you wanna see for cheap. It's a good way to force me to get creative, which hopefully makes for better writing.

The result can be crazy and unexpected, so seeing how vvery story that you contributed a little to turns out can be fun! How do "Tag It" Stories work? It's a big experiment so I'll try a few different ways. Mainly I'll post a journal with a number of tag slots and a link for my paypal. Send a payment with the tag you want in the note. After a number of tags have come in sex browser game days have passed I'll raise the price for new tags, so get your tag early for zeldas after party best price!

Or, wait to see what else my very own lith pink collar going into the story first, but pay a little more. I take over everything once I have enough tags!

What kind of tags coloar best? Just about anything, as long as it's not a "No" or "Maybe" on my F-List of things I'll write aboutand it should only be one or two words. It can be sexual or not. Also, you can onw your character as a tag, but it's more expensive because a character comes with a bunch of tags built in.

But be prepared for your character to end up in strange and unexpected situations! You might want to wait until most of the tags are in, if you want to play it safe. What results can we expect from all this? Let's find out together! I did draft up a few very speculative examples in the expanded section below, porngamesdownload. I tried to come up with a bunch of random tags, then came up with a rough story to match!

I still have questions! Read the expanded section below! If that doesn't have your answer, check below to see if someone else has asked! I welcome you to ask here and I'll do my best to help and clarify. Thanks for taking a look at my new ideas! A "Tag It" Story is a story my very own lith pink collar starts as a series of tags chosen by you, then written by me.

Who exactly supplies these tags, by popular sex games means, is something I'll be experimenting with in days to come. The actual content of the story is fully under my control as the writer, except for the requirement that each Tag I'm given ahead of time must feature prominently in the story.

In my experience with writing my own stories as well as commissions, I've noticed several drawbacks. In my experience, many commissioners tend to have a pretty general idea of the sort of thing they want to see, but they don't necessarily have a particular story in mind. They'll often have a certain character or set of characters they're interested in, and certain acts they want them involved with, but after that it's fuzzy.

This works fairly well for me, as I work best when I have a good deal of creative freedom to mold the story into something I think will be "interesting. Further, I've noticed that these stories tend to be less popular with my very own lith pink collar readers en masse, for which there could be several reasons.

I let my standards of quality drop somewhat when I'm trying to accommodate outside factors in my work, and the my very own lith pink collar on particular, pre-existing characters and sexual situations with less psychological involvement can make the piece turn out differently than those I work on independently. Finally, of course, there's the continuing problem that My very own lith pink collar been moving along dreadfully slowly with commissions.

My Very Own Lith | Fenoxo Forums

It feels like, looking back, the point at which I started my very own lith pink collar commissions is when I started slowing down altogether as a writer. I don't know if it was actually causal, but it's hard to ignore the possibility.

Tenchi muyo manga hentai this point, I'm trying to rediscover the freedom of creativity and self-expression that my readers and I both enjoyed in my earlier works. To that end, for the time being, I don't intend to take any new conventional commissions. As of this writing I have a handful left that Pjnk still finishing up, but past that I intend to start experimenting with new options that ;ink think could be better for me, for my readers, and for those that are interested in paying to see their particular interests indulged in my style.

It's a common writing exercise to be given a random vry and forced to write something centered around it. It can be a much more stimulating way to spark off a piece of writing than just starting with a blank page and telling yourself, "write anything. I would be given a number of subjects how many is an interesting conundrum I also intend to experiment with and challenge myself to write an interesting story that llith all of these themes or ideas in naturally.

I strongly suspect that this would prompt a piece of work that is more universally interesting to read than a standard commission, while hopefully proving directly stimulating to those that chose the tags. More directly, this lets people that my very own lith pink collar want to Hentai Dreamcatcher 2 me write a story about X simply submit a tag instead of having to commission me and try to come up with all the details for a story so they can tell me "write ownn Restrictions breed creativity, but excess ideas that aren't really important to the core goal of the story can just hobble the process and fucked up sex games a story with less potential.

Further, this allows jy interested osn adding a Tag Taggers to pay a much smaller amount than in a full commission to see their interests indulged.

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I was struggling with the feeling that I should raise my prices, but I felt guilty charging an individual too much for my work, especially when it might my very own lith pink collar in some way.

In this way, Taggers can buy a Tag for an upcoming story for relatively cheap, and if it turns out differently than they expected, hopefully they will at least still find my very own lith pink collar an interesting story, and they won't have lost too much for pitching in on it.

They might try again later with a new, slightly refined Tag, or just resubmit the same one and try their luck again. I free 3d mobile sex games that seeing how the tag ends up working into the story in itself could be an entertaining experience. So, "Tag It" stories allow people a cheaper way to see their interests written out, hopefully into a higher-quality story with better broad appeal.

Ideally, it may even come out a deal faster than a regular commission, as I'm hoping I'll find this new format much more inspirational. All around, a vast improvement. If I'm right, anyway.

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This will vary as I try different executions. I'll post a journal with the new set of tag slots, ideally at the same time as a story, such that I can link them together for high visibility and typically, I will list prices per tag.

There will be one price for a basic tag, and a higher price for a character tag. I'll talk about that more below. Then, after either a certain period of time or a certain number of tags big tits video games be purchased, those prices will rise slightly.

This encourages people my very own lith pink collar tag early, and later Taggers will pay slightly more to make a more informed decision based on what's already going into the story. I expect to update the journal either daily or as soon as possible as new tags are added. Tagging will be done by following a my very own lith pink collar on the journal to send money by Paypal.

When you make the payment, ipnk can add the tag as a note, and as soon as I get it, assuming it's luth acceptable tag, it will officially be part of this new story.

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Most tags will probably be fine, I'm trying to make this a very flexible and open-ended process. If your tag won't work, usually because it's a fetish I'm unwilling to write about, then I'll refund your payment.

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